Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 22 Deep thoughts...

I don't know if it's the approaching spring equinox and or additional daylight we are enjoying as of today, but I finally feel like I am on the cusp of a new beginning. I am a germinating flower breaking through the warming ground ready to greet daylight.

I have plumbed the depths of my soul these last few months and I am ready to emerge out of the darkness. Seasons are a powerful metaphor for the creative process. Winter is the time of epiphany, a time to turn inward ask for clarity, often the clarity comes from some time spent in the darkness, sifting through the rubble of some heartbreak. Once we receive the answers; as in, nudges or intuitions, the spring will water and warm the soil for our creative ideas to germinate and we must then nurture them and watch them grow and unfold. This is the visualizing or believing part of attraction, or creation. Summer is for reaping the harvest or taking action and the autumn for separating the wheat from the chaff which is the sifting through what we have manifested; to separate, as in decide what stays and what goes in your life and of course give thanks for all of your bounty. As you take what you received from the threshing season and return what you don't to the earth,  look forward to a winter of contemplation and epiphany again.. It's the four pillars, or season of the creative process and its as old as the bible. We have just gotten so fixated on the outside world, we have forgotten how to turn inward, and tune ourselves to the natural rhythms of life.

 I learned something today. I learned that there is a purpose to our periods of suffering. It is a time to sift through BIG contrast. The contrast of deep discontent, poverty and unhappiness, be it a job or relationship or illness, or really long ongoing bad situations. It is not a time to be afraid, deny or resist the darkness... and its just not useful to blow smoke up its ass either. There is power in being brave enough to really plumb the depths. Go all the way, own it...go ahead and wallow, ponder and examine. Get clear on what wasn't working for you. That misery is sewing the seeds for the absolute opposite of that to spring forth into your life when you least expect it. Usually, just as soon as you are done wallowing.

That's when it occurred to me that when it comes to small stuff, or other peoples stuff, the who cares stuff; the "she stole my beer" stuff.  Those issues we should get off of right away, and use them as practice. The practice of shifting our attention and focus so that when we are ready to emerge back into daylight from the important issues, we have a pocket full of sunshine all lined up of things to appreciate. Even during our big ugly periods of separation from source its important to practice turning our attention to what IS working out beautifully. Those things will remind us, that things always will, even while we are wallowing.

The reason these issues feel so big and so bad to us, is because within our source, or vortex, the reality of what we do want already exists and it feels like shit to be separate from that. The stronger the reaction to the contrast, the closer you are to getting the actual experience you really want.

Have you ever noticed that really creative, or really successful people spend a good deal of time being really unhappy or unsuccessful before they finally "make it"? The tales of poverty and woe that come from these "self made" or "overnight successes" are powerful. Step one of the law of attraction: ASK  Have you ever notice a friend who just came out of possibly the worst relationship scenario ever, or who lost the love of their lives tragically and then turns around and bumps right into to the person of their dreams?? This is the power of contrast my friends. Do not fear it, and do not try to rescue others from it either.

We all have unlimited resources to face any obstacles and over come any situation or even to transform the most hopeless relationship, when we tap into it the power that creates worlds. That is our source. Our only work is to tune ourselves to the frequency of that source. Meditate, contemplate, question, ponder, pray, play, ask and above all else be open to receive the well being that available to all. We are all love, and loved.

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