Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 24 The past is perfect

It's times like these that present the opportunity to really examine the fixed beliefs that are keeping us on the hamster wheel of more-o-the-same-crap-o-ttration.

I was listening to an interview with an awesome speaker and spiritual guru named Rikka Zimmerman.
Her message was perfect and spooky, given the subject matter of my posting yesterday.

Her message is this: Poor training has provided us with a set of fixed cognitive beliefs that keep us locked in the separation between you, and the truth of who you are. We are stuck in herd mentality.
Uncover those beliefs, and there is your to-do list of transformational work. Harmonizing those fixed beliefs is the key to aligning with your inner being and all the love and abundance it has been waiting to bestow upon you.

I was a difficult child; I still am. Knowing what I know now, I am going to, not only love and forgive myself, I am going to give myself a good old pat on the back. I was blessed with a strong sense of my inner being from an early age, and I was very vocal about it. Ask my mother; it hasn't changed. It's probably why I am drawn to the esoteric mysteries of the universe, and discovering our place within it.

I knew, that I knew, what I knew and any attempt to conform me or stick me with some belief or label or limitation that my inner being knew to be a lie, was met with sometimes violent opposition. The sad bit is;  despite my severe response, those lies stuck. I suspect my resistance to them made me stickier still.

So often in my life, I have felt like a caged animal, repressed by some unseen force. I am determined to break free from my captivity. The captivity of unconsciousness.

I am so tired of my life being made wrong, or being worried about, or perceived as failure by well intended do-gooders who want to fix and or rescue and or teach me a lesson so they can sleep at night. There is nothing fucking wrong with me, or you for that matter. There are no mistakes and every experience you create in your life is adding to the vibrational expansion of the universe, people.
We have an expression in skiing, {well I do any ways.} "If you aren't crashing, you aren't skiing hard enough." Does taking a big spill once in a while make you a failure or a loser? Even if it means your friends have to you pick you up, knock the snow out of your goggles or retrieve your ski from half way up the hill? No. It means you are a fearless mo-pho and you kick ass.

Inside the fixed, or cognitive beliefs that we are holding onto and by beliefs I mean:  I screw everything up, I don't deserve to be loved, I am wrong, or bad... whatever those thoughts are that are keeping us stuck are also the key to our salvation. It's the shopping list of the work you need to do in order to unlock all the love and money and bliss the universe is waiting to bestow upon you. The universe is calling you to it and the universe can only meet you where you are, so you better get a map and mark a big red X on where you are and then get busy. All that banging your head against the wall trying to find happiness, or worthiness and justification of your existence that leads you to nothing but broken hearts and empty bank accounts is your inner beings way of spelling out to you what old beliefs need to be dispelled.

Your cognitive mind will give you the map. listen closely to everything you think, but don't blindly believe any of it. It is simply an aspect of your inner guidance system, the same as fear. Always listen to your fear... and then do the exact opposite. Have you ever acted on something out of fear of loss, or failed to act out of fear of what you might accomplish?  The things your cognitive mind believes are the very things keeping you from manifesting your dreams.

Rikka does an awesome visualisation for what she calls "harmonizing" the blockages and fixed beliefs. Remember, the past is perfect, there are no mistakes. So put down the mallet you have been beating yourself with and shut, tune, or muzzle out anyone in your life who thinks they know better, or would have done it differently than you. I guarantee they have more than their share of reasons to want to make themselves feel better by making you feel worser.. (that's not a word I know, but I like the sound)

I was so relieved to listen to this lady Rikka today, because her message was just the affirmation that I needed. I have attached a link to the interview if you want to listen to the whole thing.

48 HOUR REPLAY: Rikka Zimmerman
Bringing Your Miraculous Life into Being

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