Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 26 Spring Fever

I don't know if any of you are experiencing this or its just this ticking time bomb in my belly and very "up in the air circumstances" of my life, but with mercury shifting out of retrograde today and the approaching equinox, I am feeling anxious, restless and uncertain about my future.

It was also apparent in my interactions with people today, that maybe its not just me? Although for the most part it was positive, I nearly got into a fist fight with some yuppie day-skier who was trying to poach my parking spot.
Not only would he not back down even though I practically ushered him to another spot that was just coming up, he called me "C&*NT word in front of his kids and then called me a Whistler dirt bag!? I was like WHAT?? I was more offended my the dirt bag comment, oddly. And for the record, I would rather be a Whistler "dirt bag" living the lifestyle he has to pay through the nose for one week a year than be a yuppie "douche bag" who will probably drop dead of a heartache at 45 for picking fights with pregnant women over parking spots. Then my poles got taken from the ski rack. Seriously.

OK, so this morning when I woke up at four am, feeling restless and worrying about my future and what the universe has in store for me over the next few months; I decided to try a new meditation and practice of releasing the old and allowing the new. This is spring after all and there are wonders beneath the soil that are almost ready to break through after the long winter of epiphany. Everything is burgeoning and I feel this sensation in my bones that things are about to break through, but how and what and when will I start to see the germination's of my manifestations... its a mystery.

I thought about this past long dark winter and all the trauma the this past 6 to 8 months and how this energy is probably muddying up my vibration. I decided it was a good idea to use Rikka Zimmermans harmonizing practice to release some of that old energy and give the new manifestations the most fertile soil I can muster.

Please do this too, and we will all benefit from it. Seriously, the vibration of well being from one person effects the well being of 1000's The negative does too, (but thankfully is not nearly as powerful as the positive spectrums) as demostrated this morning by stressed out douche bag day-skier.

 Maybe take a moment to think about some of the events, people, places, thoughts and feelings that you have experienced, good and bad, over the past 9-12 months and practice this clearing with me.

Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet on the floor.
Take a moment to breath into your heart center and just drop your attention there, and out of your head.
Once you feel centered in your heart, shift your attention to the lower body, down to the pelvic floor.
From the base of spine to your perineum, envision a stream of light, like a flashlight. Once that is lit, give it a little magnetic pull and drop that light as far down to the center of the earth as you can... all the way down until it makes contact with the giant quartz crystal at the center of the planet. Now you are anchored to the earth and are fully present in your body. Keep steady attention to your breath, and if your mind wanders, {which it will} just go back to your breath.

Above your head, visualize a ball of golden light. I want you call all of your essence, your divine being that has been left, in places, or with people, events over the past 9 months. This is just a simple act of intention. Say it in your head, "I call all aspects of myself that have been left over this past year with people, places and events" Like that big ball has a magnet sucking all of your beautiful energy back to you.

For me, pictures will show up as well as just bits of light energy, I see myself, in the experience, the woman I was last summer, last fall having a difficult times, arguments, moments of sadness, stress, a near death experience with Darren and I see that version of me, come towards the light and I hug her and bring her lovingly into the light.

This is called "retrieving the lost pieces of self"
Keep going until you feel all the fragmented pieces of you over your year or season have been brought into the here and now of that ball of light. That ball of light should be getting really big now.

Now, bring that energy into you. Let it pour from the top of your head all the way through your body and give your self a big a golden shower. Let golden light surround you, flow through you and hang out in your energetic juices. Some of that energy might flow through you and release into your grounding cord to the earth to be purified, and some we are going to harmonize, particularly anything that's really sticky.

From your heart center, I want you to expand your energy out, fill your room, fill your house, your city, your provinces or state, your country, the planet. Feel the total expansion and oneness of your being expanding out into the atmosphere through the cosmos until you, yourself become a universe with your consciousness like a sun in the center.

Allow all the events and energy of year to expand with you, becoming one with the oneness of the universe, give it all over to be recalibrate back to love. When you feel it is done, and the vibrations are dissolved, start to bring your attention back to your heart center.
Once back in the heart, then direct your attention to your grounding to the planet.

Take a moment also to feel your connection to the cosmos from your crown on the top of your head and pull that clear clean energy through your body and down your grounding as well, giving yourself one last awesome vibrational fumigation and thank the universe for releasing all that no longer serves you in the present and through all time and space.

I found this very therapeutic and I feel much less attached to the outcomes of some of the issues I am facing. Especially the emotional attachments to others that I just have no control over.

On a weird note: When I came across this image as a visual for this meditation, I was like, "oh yeah that's perfect!" I opened the link and it was attached to a March 20th equinox meditation. The exact spirit and inspiration behind my teaching today ;)
 I love that. I attached the other one for fun as well.

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