Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 31, Say yes. Then ask..What else?

It's shocking how suddenly things can shift from disillusionment and frustration to overnight epiphany. But that's the work, it's what you are doing..calling yourself back into alignment, and then.... POP. The doors blow open.

This past week I have been feeling so restless, like something was on the brink but I couldn't see around the corner. Compulsive thoughts and urges to leave town, a deep distaste for the work I am doing and all kinds of irritating events were nudging me towards change... it's time to go, was the voice in my head.

This morning, at 4:30 am I woke up, totally energized.
I grabbed my journal and began to write a very gorilla draft of a 2 year business plan that has been mulling itself over in my mind for months, well since last year really... but the clarity of it all was just hitting me... how the pieces were all suppose to flow together, what I needed resource wise etc.. all became crystal.

You know when your larger forces are working through you. You're being called... and your only job is to answer. Say yes. Receive. Allow. Take action...and then ask..what else?
This is being in the flow.

I hammered over an hours worth of chicken scratch strategy into my journal and then decided to listen to a webinar with a woman called Jacqueline Joy. She was discussing and transmuting frequencies from a universal energy called Diamond Consciousness. This is the shit people. This is just the beginning of the 2012 frequencies we have all been waiting for and our inner beings..not our outer doings...are waiting for us to tap into this frequency. This is the frequency that will revolutionize how we operate in our 3D reality.
The old matrix of effort = return is not useful anymore. It is no longer serving the expansion of our inner being, our planet, or universe for that matter. This call for change is the burning restless itch, midlife crisis, depression, anxiety, addiction, the dismantling of our institutions and super powers. It is the very same shift that is propelling you into unorthodox careers, to abandon your posts, your confines, beliefs and shackles and express yourself wholly in the world. Let me tell you if feels amazing. To resist, will only fuel Prozac sales.
30 Days of aimless meditation, emotional clearing and navel pondering has paid off, and that is the stuff the new age is made of. We have just come through the first 90 days of the age of Aquarius. Do you get that? This is the age of ease..of less "do" and more "be" and in the being and aligning and answering the call, more abundance and fulfillment will flow into your lives than ever. But we have to stop the resistance of allowing and leap off into the abyss.
Letting everything we think we know, go.

The new Golden Age of Enlightenment, the Mayans have been prophecising for 29,000 years is upon us. The same era Christ took the leap of faith and paved the road for us, and our ascension, by his death and resurrection so that the path would be laid for our transformation into light bodies and divinity on earth; the very one, the hippies have been singing about since the 60's.
It is the spring equinox and the end of first full quarter in the New Golden Age, and if I am the only one who experienced a sudden pop in energy this morning I will eat me shorts.

Get with the flow people and ask to be a vessel for universal work. God, use me! And then, when you hear the call, say "YES.. and what else?"  Check out this Diamond activation meditation...

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