Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 33 Easter: metaphysical word for "get off your ass and go get it...."

Easter has nothing to do with the bunnies, which is a shame, because bunnies are cute and I do like the chocolate poop... but bunnies and chocolate poop aren't going to get me what I want.
Easter is metaphysically a time to get your metaphorical ass in gear and start asserting yourself, your desires and dreams in the world. This is the time that you take all the ideas and pondering and contrasting experiences of the long dark winter and manifest your deepest desires into the world.
The universal wind is now at your back, but you have to walk the talk now.

It's like joke about the woman who is praying to win the lottery, and she never does...when she gets to the gates of heaven she says "God, I prayed everyday to win the lottery and you never answered my prayers... God said, well did you buy a ticket?"

I posted this awesome video of this Christian science minister.. you have to listen to him! He reminds me so much of my favorite minister from Unity Vancouver who passed away several years ago,  and you have probably heard is voice in my writing when I say things like "you want to heal your relationships?? Get to work on them people!" He would ofter order his congregation to get a life and stop hiding out in Church, and was prone to going on metaphysical rampages that would turn everything you thought you knew about life on its head... he was a pioneer of law of attraction.
He was awesome!

Sorry I could not get the open version... you have to click on it to play...

OK, so I decided to get to work on my own stuff, again at the urging of Janie I decided to get really clear on what I wanted to say and more importantly what I want our of my relationship with Darren when I see him tomorrow.

I have been listening a lot to the teachings of Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks and their principals of conscious relationships. I decided that there were some basic values are reflective of how I want to live and be and feel in my life experience. If my relationship is not in alignment with my core spiritual values and we don't share a common purpose and vision, then we have issues. And no amount of negotiating with solve our issues.

I wrote down a 5 things that I want in my relationship. Let's hope "you know who" is on the same page.These things are quite the contrary to how I believe most people would approach a reconciliation. I am not asking for changes from him, or fixes to all the "issues". I am looking for a real shift in consciousness... a new approach to how we view what being in a partnership means... yikes.

I'm going to share it with all of you, because what the hell... y'all know pretty much everything.

The relationship I want for us is:

1) Committed to seeing the other as an Ally. = Love
                  seeing you as my ally allows me to stop taking things personally. I am no longer hearing or observing your words or actions as critisisms. Knowing you as my ally feels safe. I feel respected, honored and appreciated and I appreciate honor and respect myself... I no longer look for things to criticize and nit pick about.

2) Committed to full disclosure, exposure and intimacy = Trust
                  seeing you as my ally allows me to fully disclose my needs, my feelings, even my fears in a loving way, and without making demands, drawing conclusions or making assumptions.
When my partner shares his feelings in open non-critical way, I have compassion for her/him. I don't feel the need to solve her/his problems, or fix them or change myself... simply my understanding and validation gives my partner the space and confidence to solve his/her own issues and take responsibility for his/her feelings... without my fears, reactions or conditions clouding their issues.

3) Committed to a daily practice of spiritual and relationship growth through meditation other practices of positive study together = Purpose
                through growing our spiritual connectedness to each other and to source, or creativity and passions will be manifested into our daily life and the world. We are less likely to waste our creative talents and passions on criticism and nit picking about the small stuff. We are more likely to be on purpose and manifesting our love, abundance and fulfillment into our lives.

4) Committed to focusing the majority of our time and energy on long term creative goals and projects. = Passion
       When my time and attention is on the manifesting my higher purpose and creative projects, I don't have time to criticize, judge or score keep in my daily life, or my relationship. Anytime I find myself getting resentful, its time to change focus on a bigger picture and focus on my own fullfillment. I encourage my partner to do the same. I know through their fulfillment and achievement of their dreams, our dreams will manifest.

5) Committed to self care and self healing. = Freedom
                           Through self care and taking time to do our own work, we free ourselves from old blocks and beliefs that are not serving our higher purpose. I free myself from self sabotaging self defeating beliefs and attitudes through yoga, meditation, energy work, counseling, whatever is means available and appropriate and through our healing, we heal all of our relationships and are free to attract more happiness, fulfillment and abundance into our lives.

I am going to approach all the issues of the past with the attitude that if we can commit to shift our consciousness and commit to a new way of relating, all the details, healing and basic day to day issues will all be taken care of and fall perfectly into place. Remember you can't solve a problem on the level that it exists. Hopefully, Easter miracles are afoot and the next 30 days will see healing and transformation in my life, and in the lives of those I love.

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