Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 27 Funky shit going down ...

Wow, I don't know what's up for all y'all but I am on a ride and a half.
It's like crazy energy man, and weird and unexpected manifestations everywhere.
It's like balls being set in motion and all I can do is observe the unfolding.
OK, here is a weird example of the kind of thing I am talking about....
Yesterday I had my phone/wallet jacked. For a few moments I was in a panic.
I had an iPhone, credit card, ID pre-paid visa and a large check inside, this was bad.
I was in the Day lodge at the bottom of the mountain so I let all the staff know right away.
One of the cafe gals took pity on me and made me a free latte, this was good.
About 20 minutes later, as I am in a daze, and feeling utterly disconnected without a phone, Joce (same latte girl) comes in from the back elevator room and says "Is this it?" She had the wallet, it had been tossed! Everything was inside, except the phone, but still this was good!
I walked over to the phone company, and learned that I was well into my plan, and not only could they replace my phone for free, but he set me up with an even better plan than the one I had, and this too was good. The next thing you know, I am sending energetic gratitude to the douche bag who stole my phone... how bizarre is that?

There is seemingly a lot of contradictory energy in the air, and lots of movement and its causing me a lot of unsettling feelings and emotions and the urge to shake things up.
Times like this I think the people around me must start to think I am just walking around in a stone cold daze, but the truth is, I am turned inward. I am observing and listening and assessing all the events and feeling that come over me. I am looking for clues, and signs and listening to my inner voice and council from on high in order to navigate these energies. This can come across as me being quite detached to an outsider looking in. Like, what is she on man... ? But I am interested in the meaning of it all. Why do bad things turn out good? Is there always a silver lining and sometimes we just fail to see it? Are these road signs designed to get us turned in a new direction?

I think it's really important to tune into your higher guidance at all times.
It's like a permanent state of prayer. Allowing your receiving channels to be open by setting the intention of it all day every day. Be in a constant state of allowing higher guidance to help you, show you, give you evidence that what you seek is all around you.
That leads me to another good question. What do you seek? Really?
I was listening to a speaker on a webinar, discuss this and he posed this scenario:
If you fell upon Aladdin's lamp, and the genie popped out and gave you 10 seconds to ask for your one wish or it would be gone forever, what would you ask for?
He said 97% of people answered wrong. In other words, what they asked for isn't really what they want. They just think the having of it, will give them the thing they really want.
I actually had a real life genie in a bottle experience a few years ago. During that time period I told you about, back in 2010 when I was really on a role with this stuff.
I went to a psychic reader friend of mine, and he was doing his usual automatic writing stuff, and scribbling away on some question I had asked; when he read it back he said... well, this is interesting... "She will be visited by an Angel of light. The Angel will ask her what it is she really wants."
We were both a bit dumbfounded by this, and needless to say I was a little freaked.
I was very nervous about being in the presence of an Angel, let alone having to give a good answer to this question. For several months I waited and wondered how this manifestation would appear, and what I would say. I can't remember how exactly, I came to the conclusion of what I would say, but I know I spent a lot of time pondering it. {in the event that this prophecy came true} As you can well imagine this was not an opportunity I was wanted to fumble.
So, a few months went by, then one night in the wee hours before dawn I woke, sort of... in a bit of a dream stake. In the corner of my room, right at the ceiling came an incredible opalescent light. My ski obsessed conscious mind thought it looked like a pair of large glowing goggles, but I soon realised it was more like spinning infinity symbol. My heart was racing.{no shit} I was like "OMIGOD OMIGOD this is it!" Then it spoke in my mind "Adrienne, what is you really want?" I said: Freedom, Fulfillment and Joy. {I thought that was pretty good} And the light faded back into the wall and I went back to sleep.
My answers were the same answers that only 2 percent of people in the genie scenario gave.  Now granted I had a couple of months to ponder the question, and question my knee jerk responses. But the truth is, what we really want is Joy, Love, Freedom, Fulfillment, Peace and we think the having of the house, the car, the big successes, the money will give us those things. But happiness is not measured in stuff, or anything else external. Interestingly, this Dr. says that those 2% have a better chance of manifesting thier goals/stuff than the other 97% who are focused on the wrong target. Seek the internal experience in every day life and the stuff, will simply be the icing on the cake. Give your self over to higher guidance and look for that which you are wanting to find in every day life. Set your intentions on the stuff, in a light and playful way so you are not stuck in a state of  "if I have xyz.. then I will be happy" Be happy now and when things are not going your way or seem muddy, give it up and give it over to universe to light the path, then turn inward and ask for evidence that there is a plan at work, and then watch and listen. And if things ever seem to go backward, just look for that good old silver lining... there is always a divine plan.

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