Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 29 Revelations...and Emancipations

You know how sometimes we are too close to a situation to see things clearly... ?
I have been so focused on trying to heal the relationship that I have missed the point entirely.
Why is this what is right under our nose so often obscured from vision? Damn it.
You cannot solve a problem on the level that it exists, true? Therefor, the thing that needs to shift is almost never the manifestation, but vibration that is causing the manifestation. I have been talking about this all along and yet have failed to see my own issues... oh, the irony.
If anyone out there in reader land could see what I am about to illuminate to you, and didn't comment or tell me what was apparent to you... well, keep it to yourself now. You had your chance...

Here I am trying the "heal my relationship" and wondering why I am hitting a stone wall, otherwise know as "the other party" And with the help of a trusted intuitive healer today I finally was able to step back far enough to see that it was me that needed healing. I was causing the discord in my situation and keeping a resolution out of reach by digging in my heals and ordering the universe to fix this issue.
Darren is the beautiful gift that was sent to me to illuminate all of the negative beliefs that are holding me back from stepping into my greatness. I love him! He is bringing up all the lower self beliefs that were instilled in me by a very troubled relationship with my ... {you guessed it} Daddy.
So what do I do? Well first thing I am going to do is write a list of all the complaints I had in my relationship with both of them... things, feelings, words, attitudes that showed up in my relationship with Darren/Daddy

He didn't listen my needs/understand or care
He questioned/judged criticised me
He didn't appreciate me
He didn't love me for who I am
He abandoned me, shut me out

Then I am going to list the beliefs or feelings that created
I'm not important
I am wrong/bad
I have no value/I'm stupid
I'm not worthy of love or success
I am just going to screw it up/I'm a failure at everything I try
I can't trust myself.

Now this is called clarity through contrast. I am going to flip each one of these ideas on its head and take full and total responsibility for buying into these lies once and for all

He didn't listen to my needs = I didn't listen to my needs, understand or care about me
He judged/questioned/criticized me = I judge/questions and criticize me
He didn't appreciate me = I don't appreciate me
He didn't love/accept me for who I am = I don't love and accept me for who I am
He abandoned me, shut me out = I abandoned me, and shut myself off.

Now I am going to get clarity on how I want to feel moving forward

I'm not important = I feel important and know that I am important
I am bad/wrong = I am an awesome person and I get better and better every day,  in every way.
I have no value/I'm stupid = I am indispensable and brilliant and am contributing greatly everyday to the expansion of those around me and to the entire universe. My value is immeasurable!
I am not worthy of love or success = I am loved. I am physical manifestation of Divine Love itself. I come from Source, God, Creation and therefor am worthy of all the abundance and love the universe has to offer. {which is a lot}
I am just going to screw things up/I'm a failure at everything = I am always expanding and learning. Maybe I failed at some stuff in the past, but look at all these STUPID LIES I've been telling myself! I cannot get it wrong and I will never get it done and from now on these old programs are wiped off the map and my success and fulfillment and satisfaction of life is going to get better and better every day and in every way.
I can't trust myself = I am totally confident in my ability to make awesome decisions. I am always tapped in to my best and highest good for myself and all those around me. I feel trusted and valued by others.

This is how Stella gets her groove dismantling one idiotic belief at a time.
Use EFT to tap the negative out and the positive in!! Create your own script in any area that is not working in your life... the answers are all inside you if you ask the questions and listen to that inner voice, or vision.

Question to ask yourself: What are the self defense mechanisms running in your life that can help illuminate for you the subjects that need healing? For me, it was anger. It could be victim hood, blame or people pleasing, or martyrdom, or projection...these are all programs that may have served you as a way to survive whilst you were young and unaware, but they will keep you a enslaved by whatever oppression created them however many moons ago...

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds... - Bob Marley

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