Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 40 One fish, two fish... Oh look, I caught new fish!

Well... I had a plenty of fish date.
I am not shitting you, it had to be the most awkward and awesome meeting of my life.
Not that the guy made me feel awkward but for God sake I am moving into whale territory; just months from probably the un-sexiest thing a vagina can do, and I'm playing footsie under the table, over a salad with this single dad hottie as he gazes dreamily into my eyes and tells me he would be thrilled to be part of this new life I am carrying and make more babies with me... for real y'all.

So there is life after the "D" word after all. And although yesterday I was a wreck, today I have hope.
Even though I am having to let go of the pictures I had of being with Darren and the new baby, I have to remind myself when the Universe doesn't give you want you want, just wait... because it is most likely getting ready to give you something even better.

Anyway... I have just received a barrage of very sweet confidence building texts from my "new" guy suggesting I spend some time with him, and "don't let Jack-ass take any more of that beautiful love I have to give"... talk about just what I needed. sigh....
Where this will go, at this point I am not concerned... I just feel like we have say YES to beauty in all its forms, when it is delivered to us; with an open and grateful heart. Today I am grateful that the universe sent me someone who is reflecting back to me my worth. Right when I needed it most. It's a good sign that I am coming out of the darkness and am on the road to healing.

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