Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 38-ish The return to love...

I have come to realise that so much of my anger and frustration at this situation is anger towards myself. I feel that part of being able to let go of a relationship is coming to terms with my own regrets and forgiving myself, more than anything. I cling to past because I made mistakes and I want to go back and fix it.  But I can't. I am living with the results of my choices and point of attraction from before. I should have got down on my knees sooner and given my grievances in the relationship over to God, instead of going to battle myself. I realize now the path the God, or enlightenment is through our relationships. The source within us is calling us to transform outdated beliefs and erase old programs and remember who we are and to hold ourselves and others in the context of that divinity and return to love. That is the state of conciousness where miracles roll.

The return to love is the great cosmic drama... and the call to return to love, can be recognized by manifestations of emotional car wrecks in our lives, and the extent of the injuries, equivalent to the degree to which the universe is beckoning us to remember; we are all one Christ collective consciousness.

When we know that, it becomes our business, not only to heal ourselves but to hold the space for healing in one another through love. God is the author of love not fear, we are the manufactures of fear in our 3D reality, not God, and so fear does not truly exists. Love is all there is.

I actually had a doors blow open epiphany of this "love conciousness" many years ago. I was in my bed reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, and all of the sudden this truth resonated to the core of my being. I was suddenly freed from all limiting thoughts, I was fearless, and had a deep sense of the unconditional love that was at the core of all existence. I jumped out of bed and grabbed a lipstick, as it was all I had and I sensed the moment of epiphany may not linger forever.
 I wrote:  "Love everything, Fear nothing" on my vanity mirror.
It was a profound awakening... and maybe that experience is the touchstone of my hope and belief that I can heal anything and everything that is not working the way I want it to in my 3D reality.
I can manifest miracles through right thinking. I felt the power that is my source of co-creation.

 If only love is real and a person behaves unlovingly, it was derived from fear and therefor it doesn't actually exist. When one behaves unlovingly they have forgotten who they really are. When we forgive, and we stay withing our own alignment and the truth of who we are, (in Divine love) it gives us the power to awaken others as well. Closing our hearts destroys our peace,  and the potential to manifest miracles. Even though it may give our egos a temporary shot of crack, it does not serve our truth.

We sit in our ego and believe that we can nit pick, control, judge and blame others and berate ourselves. We try to will others and things to be act or behave differently. But that isn't our job. Our only job is to return to love.

It is easy to love and forgive people who do not make us angry. Marianne Williamson, in her reflections on A Course in Miracles states that the people who makes us the most angry are our most important teachers. They indicate the limits of our own capacity for forgiveness. The decision to let go of the grievances against others is a decisions to see ourselves as we truly are. It can be hard to let go of your perception of someones guilt... but The Course In Miracles asks.. do you want to be right, or happy?

 Law of attraction would agree that keeping your focus of attention on judgement of someone elses guilt, only serves to keep them stuck in it. The same goes for ourselves. When I am beating myself up, and holding onto regret, I am only perpetuating my state of separation. I am not seeing myself through the eyes of God and my own Divinity.

Relationships are reborn as we let go perceptions of the past. By bringing the past into the present we create a future just like the past. By treating myself and others with compassion and forgiveness I perpetuate a state a change. When I am out of alignment with source, I know it, and to criticize, blame, judge or get angry at me, only perpetuates my stuckness.

When someone you love is behaving unlovingly, your compassion is the most powerful weapon to bring them back to love, not your railing against the behavior. Their behavior is not remember, who they truly are. Now is the time to hold another, or yourself in highest vibrational version you can align yourself to and make room for transformation. To let the past go is to make room for miracles. In choosing to affirm someones guilt we are choosing to perpetuate more of it. The capacity to love in the face of the unloving, is the true barometer of how far you are on your path of awakening.

When we think with love, we are co-creating with God, when we think with fear, we are hallucinating...because fear doesn't not exists at the source of who we are.

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