Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 15 Appreciation vs Gratitude...can you feel the difference?

I want to talk about how understanding the difference between appreciation and gratitude can help to create a monumental shift in your everyday practice of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't.

We all hear about the importance of gratitude, and you may say that this is semantics, but I want you to really take a moment and feel the subtle, but distinct different between the two vibrations.

Gratitude indicates some relief; as in thank God that car missed me by 2 inches or I'd be worm food.
Appreciation lacks the essence of a the narrow escape. Whislt, to feel appreciation for a beautiful sunset, or a friendly encounter, is a vibration we can carry with us all day and notice in small increments; gratitude is reserved for a situation where, the results or lack of the thing to be grateful for could have resulted in something unpleasant. I am so grateful for that donation of clothes, or I would have frozen to death in the snow...{ because I am penniless and homeless.} in this gratitude we are also holding the vibration of an alternate reality where there is the potential of the absence of the thing we are grateful for, and or energizing the experience that is not so pleasing, which is lack and poverty. I can appreciate and be grateful simultaneously, but I don't have to feel grateful in order to connect to appreciation.  So, subtle yet powerful difference. Appreciation is clean, unmistakable and easy to apply to moment to moment miracles of any size, with no bitter aftertaste.

Speaking of which, I have something awesome to share and I feel super GRATEFUL because there is  an alternate experience which has been in my vibration; and that is my 4 season old skis and boots that are totally pooched. I just want to say, I am a freaking awesome manifester, and that although many of my manifestation seem to come through absolute necessity, they do come none the less and not a moment too soon.

Since starting my job at here in Whistler, I have been asking the universe {and by asking I mean anticipating} that eventually I would earn enough WB referral bucks (which are like commissions for referring guests to our retail stores) so that I could get new skis and boots. In fact, just the last few weeks I have been dreaming and desiring these new items pretty intently. And I think what sealed the deal for me, was I took a guest I was skiing with to the demo tent to get him some powder skis, and was telling him with great gusto how cool these Rossignol S7 were;  and boy those are the skis I am going to get just as soon as I can. The important thing here is that I wasn't holding the thought of wanting, which often just activates vibe of lack, so much as I was seeing myself as having them soon and thinking about how much fun my new skis and boots were going to be, and what a rock star ripper I would be on them...

Yesterday morning my rommie and I went by the office; Steph had some pay stubs to pick up and we were just talking about referral bucks and I wished they would hand them out soon because I would have loved to see how much I had, and I had a day off to go spending them. {I really had no clue really how much money I might actually get } and my boss says "Hey, Adrienne I have two envelopes with WB bucks in them for you!" $825 worth. I freaked.

Ready for the best part? The best part was when I ran gleefully over the Can Ski, where my bucks are good; it just so happened that they had a brand new pair of the skis I had just been oogling in the demo tent and on the feet of many of my friends, that had been mis-drilled; which means they could not resell them at regular price. They had to sell them to me at a ridiculous discount! Boo hoo!
 This also meant, that my original intention to get boots first, because I needed them more, and then wait for more WB bucks was no longer an issue. I had enough to get the boots and the skis!

When you let the universe do your bidding, and just get busy appreciating all the little comings and goings in your life, you will find that often you get more than what you asked for. The universe has all the hook-ups you could ever need.

Happy day.. and just to add another point of appreciation, its snowing like mad and I have a day off tomorrow to go play with my new toys.

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