Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How I manifested some cool stuff…

I got happy.

I basically went on a mission, to brainwash myself out of any negative thinking or feelings of anxiety. I had been given an insight by a spiritual teacher, who channeled a personal message to me. He said “lessons in trust; change the thoughts, change the reality.” Sounds kind of vague, I know. But it’s not. What’s interesting about the way “hear” things when have been asking for answers versus when someone just handing out unsolicited advice, or some random crap I read in a blog; just for instance…. Is that I hear it, and immediately get it, and have an uncontrollable compulsion to apply it to my life. This struck me as more than an abstract concept. I was going to get to work on changing my thoughts. Then it occurred to me…36 years of thought patterns and perception of what my reality is needed to be undone. I thought, what I think about my life and state of the union had been brainwashed into me, and I am going to brainwash myself out of believing any of it.

It sounds insane, and I don’t know how else to describe my thought process, but it was as if a light bulb went on and I had a glimpse of my potential to free my mind from the confines of what I was “perceiving” my physical 3 D reality to be. I was going to hurl myself into a state of denial. Anything that wasn’t feeling good, looking good or going good, I was just going to turn my cheek the other way and make up a new story. Anything that needed immediate attention and I just didn’t have a solution for, I was going to hand over to the universe to solve and not worry about it. I bought myself a pass to the Scandinavian spa, and spent as much time as I could, in a complete state relaxation, in nature and cedar sauna contemplation and I fantasized about a life that didn’t exist. I began listening to Abraham-Hicks and positive mind movies from youtube incessantly on my iPhone. I read books, downloaded audio books and literally went on a positive affirmation rampage. Below I will share with you a couple of my favorite “mind movies” to get you going. I highly recommend that you go on you tube, on any subject matter you would like to see in your reality and watch and listen to 10 minute clips on the subject. But the most important part of the exercise is to pretend like you are actually experiencing what it is you are wanting. I would sit in the hot tub at the Scandinavian and design my dream home. I would imagine walking in the door, the decor the rugs; the living breathing day to day life there… let me tell you, it’s the bomb. Sadly, I stopped doing it too soon. I got distracted and haven’t yet manifested it, but I was starting to get some pretty freaky feedback from the universe that told me it was possible and all I needed to do was stay happy and in the flow of life. I will share more on those crazy signs, and some real awesome, last minute miracles that will shock and amaze you; later.

Now, I get not everyone has the luxury of spending several hours a week in an outdoor bath house to help really clear the mind, but you have to realize that years and years of perceived reality, naysayers and painful experiences isn’t going to switch over to happy thoughts without some effort; and I guess that’s why I labeled my transformational work as “brainwashing” because that it the degree of attention I will willing to give it. I had an amazing minister in the new age church I used to go who always said “…you want to heal your money, your relationships, and your disease people? Get to work on them! Get in the flow of the creative process and quit hiding out here in church!” he was awesome. You have to get to work on it. And I am getting back to work on it too.
This is a great clip by Abraham-Hick, she is a channel for a collective consciousness called Abraham and her teachings are responsible for the movie The Secret
Get Happy
Find a way to feel good

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