Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 20 I was really dissapointed in this video...

I have to comment...
You guys are drama addicts!
My page views skyrocketed with my stalker style love ambush... I love you guys...

I would really love feedback, and by feedback I mean.. "Adrienne we want to hear more on processes", or "Adrienne, I have this situation... help!" not the "dump him!" kind of feedback, because I know that's what many of you are thinking...people,  everyones journey is their own, and as candid as I have been with my tales of heartache and woe... he has his version too... and besides.. how would I keep you entertained with the key source of all my anguish, extinguished??

So, LIKE me damn it! So I can bring you more great content and that content can one day fill a self help book or a movie or something really cool...  I want to know what you want more of, what you want less of and to share your questions and experiences with me on my  page!
Leave your comments...

As promised... Here is my chat with my super awesome friends and law of attraction "Guru" Sarah Thambosso from Leash on Life Coaching.

I was really disappointed in this video, because at the end.. Sarah asked me for a tampon and we had a little chat about it, because I am preggo and don't need them so much but apparently I had a back stock of giant pads... it seems to have been lost on the cutting room floor. I would have left that in, it was very informative.

Sarah is doing a law of attraction relationship and communication workshop at the Squamish public library this Sunday March 10th at 12pm -3pm
The cost is $49 at the door and $29 in advance
You can contact her at

I attended her intro to Law of Attraction at Whistler PL a few weeks ago and let me tell you she is funny and informative and the food is awesome... Thank you Nesters!

If you have any, and I mean any kind of questions about the kind of relationships you are attracting or not attracting into your life, then this event is for you!

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