Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 17 No man is worth wrinkles...

I think I'm getting tired. Tired of paddling upstream. Which is apparently a good thing according to the laws of attraction. It's so stupid because I know this stuff, and I practice and start to see some shifts and little evidences of the universe lining things up, and just when things might actually unfold on their own in the direction of what I want, I grab those oars and start paddling madly like an idiot.

It's like riding a bike, once you start down a hill and gravity takes over, you ease up on the peddles a little and trust that gravity will take you at just the right velocity until the road turns upwards a little and your experience calls you to more expansion, or to take a turn in another direction. You don't put your feet on the peddles and start madly peddling at the speed your bike is traveling downhill? The shear effort is libel to throw you right off balance and send you into the bushes.
The gravity and I am referring to in this metaphor, is divine timing. It doesn't need to be peddled. It has the Grace of God to back it up.

I don't know why I let myself get beat up by someone, whom probably has no clue how badly he is beating me up. I am truly just beating myself up, and I should be minding my own business, but I so badly want him to cooperate. I am guessing he is probably so busy beating the drum of how badly he has been beaten up because he was too busy trying to make me cooperate, my lack of cooperation to him seemed like an assault, and so says the law of attraction; somewhere in the high reaching vibrations of our co-creative "ASKING" is a perfect and divine relationship just calling us to it. I bet its true because I know that 99% of the things that I have complained about D not doing or giving or being, are exactly the same things he is complaining about me, not doing or giving or being. It's a perfect match.

In fact, the louder and longer the asking for something, as in the more painful the experience... and by painful I mean yelling and breaking things, and breaking up and other fantastic acts of complete frustration at the separation from God, the stronger and clearer and brighter the vibrational version of it becomes.

I know somewhere in our "vortex" we have created a magnificent relationship.
However, right now I am too angry and hurt to give a shit about that relationship, I just want it to stop, mostly because there isn't enough botox in the world to take off the years this hurt is hanging on my face. No man, is worth wrinkles. No man.

It's a crying shame, and I literally mean bawling; just ask my pillows, my dog, and my yoga mat... its a crying shame that D and me have spent all of our energy trying to wrestle the other to the ground instead of just getting into our own alignment by feathering our own nests then we would align with the relationship we desire. If we only held the other in the highest vibrational version of the other instead of trying to beat each other into submission...the vortex of love and well being is calling, and calling, and calling us to go, and we are obstinate buggers,
{as Abraham- Hicks would say} and refuse to go.

So, tired can be a good thing, because once we give up and let go of our resistance {wresting the issue to the ground and beating it with a stick} that sneaky old vortex will suck us in. It's always calling and sucking. So give it up people...that's the work; to give it up. Although it doesn't have to be as painful I am making it. That's why I write, so you can all benefit from my stupidity. Aren't I nice?

OK so exciting news... my friend Sarah Thambosso, will be giving a workshop on the Law of Attraction here in Whistler, and the topic, gratefully is "Relationships"

I will be video interviewing her on Tuesday and we will post it for you here if you would like to meet her.

She is a gifted intuitive and transformational coach, certified law of attraction guru.

Stay tuned for that interview...

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