Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 1 Come to my seminar... you too, can have beautiful lady!

As I sit here at my computer and start the process of creating what I hope will be my very own personal development and creative process workshop; I could not be in a worse place. Believe me the irony is not lost on me. I am a complete hypocrite; actually, at least that’s how it feels to me right now. Without digressing too too much, let me give you an overview. I have just left the 5th teary and pathetic voice message and at least 15th, angry/teary/pathetic email in a the past week; to my beloved, father of my unborn child; whom seems to have completely shut me out of existence.

The past year has seen my family, my ambition, my life and my love spiral into oblivion before my eyes and I was; it seemed, powerless to stop it.

How could this be happening to me? In 2010 I diligently, deliberately and consciously attracted to me the relationship I had always wanted; with a family man who loved me like no tomorrow. I had a business I created, but admittedly was no longer enamoured with; and I was taking steps to move away from the business and pursue more fulfilling work in personal and spiritual development. How can I sit here, and plunk away a process for overcoming emotional beliefs and removing blocks; in order to manifest ones dreams, when I am sitting on a dung heap of my own creation?

Kids, life ain’t easy. It’s an evolution and a process. Every horse has his day and then he becomes dog food. OK, that’s morbid, but my point is, nothing is ever static. We have to engage in the co-creator process, rolling with the punches and letting go, letting go, letting go of any delusions that we can maintain any sense of control over our experiences. We have choices; like how we choose to feel about our experiences, but we have no control over them. We live in a dichotomy. There is polarity in everything we engage in; but we are in co-creation, and there will always be concious and deliberate participation required, in order get optimal results out of this life experience.

And so, I sat here for a for quite a time; deliberating how I was going to teach the tools {and by "deliberating" I mean spin my story so I look like I got it all together and nobody would ever know about my dung heap situation} without being a complete fraud. Suddenly the thought occurred to me. Don’t. Be real. Did I think I was the only one climbing out of a hole? I think not. I am going to pull myself out of this dung heap and get back on the horse. {I have no clue where these horse references are coming from but we are going with it} And lucky you, you get to ride along with me.

We are going to journey together. As I develop my workshop series for you, I am going to blog the tools and techniques that will be part of this workshop and you will get to witness the whole thing going down. Not just witness, but participate. Only you won’t be the lamb to the slaughter; I will do that, but you will be encouraged to join in, interact and share. It’s the law of attraction test of metal.
Hopefully it will be followed by a viral like response to the format and the teachings, hopefully we will also see a few miracles to attest to the fact that this stuff works and a whole lot of feel -good inspiration for you, or at least a good laugh at my willingness to completely expose myself. Like any hero’s journey, you have to start with where you are at. This leads me to part one of my processes.
 Where the hell am I, and how did I get here?

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