Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 7 Clarity..

What’s amazing to me is that after only 6 days of blogging, I am feeling better more often that I am feeling bad. It’s true what I said about emotions, if something feels good, do it. That good feeling is the universe, or your higher self or God or whatever, affirming that what you are doing is in alignment with who you are and what you desire. Even though, scarcely a single sole has read my blog and apparently nobody is following me, I feel quite satisfied. So satisfied in fact that I might dare to say I am ready, possibly to start declaring one or two thoughts about what I would like to see unfolding, or be experiencing in my reality 54 days from now. That would put me at April 20, 2013.

I will start with the vision of hope I received during my Yoga class the other day, my bottom day.  It was a vision of a beautiful space for my 2 sons and me and the pug and more than enough money coming in monthly to cover everything, while I cared for my boys and continued with my creative projects.

 I love my home in Whistler, with my friend Stephanie and her son Zack, and I feel loved and cared for. I also love the lifestyle here, teaching skiing and living in the mountains and the lakes but something tells me I will be back in the city by the end of March. So, my first intention for these 60 days of attraction is that I will manifest a beautiful apartment, with lots of space, close to nature for me and my 2 sons; one new born and one, nearly a man of 17. I will also have more than enough income to afford the ideal place with ease.

As I lay in bed last night, I dared to dream an even more outlandish dream; that I would be able to buy a place of my own. I have no idea how that might happen; even if I received a windfall, I am not too mortgage-able. But I’m putting that out there anyhow. Just to raise the stakes.

I am reminded of another time in my life where I was in a situation when I had no idea how I was going to make a home for Shawn and I, which I would feel good about and that was within my budget. It was back in 2010, and I had a similar period of uncertainty.  Whistler was home to the Olympic winter games that year and the event had wreaked havoc on a lot of local business, mine being one.  I decided to lease out my business space over about 2 months around the games instead of trying to operate. It was a good choice, but there were still challenges. I decided I was going to use that 2 month time span to dig deep into some self-work. I had burning questions about my inability to create stability or sustainability in my life both monetarily and in relationships. I had been chronically single and broke for at least 12 years, as I raised my son on my own and struggled. I was ready for some answers, and as they say, when you are ready they will come.

I had been already a big fan and follower of The Secret and the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks. But intuitively I knew that there were some beliefs that needed clearing before real change would occur. I had inner child work to do. Ick. I knew this meant visiting some potentially painful memories, but I was ready. {I will get into that work later} Over the course of the following few months and endless agonizing over that move to the city, it was these principles and tools I will share with you that spontaneously manifested {among several other shocking miracles} a phone call from a friend with a beautiful furnished with east meets west coast apartment, 2 bed 2 bath and gorgeous views and they wanted me look after it while they moved to Panama… gee, if you really need me to. Oh you’ll subsidize the rent too? Hhhhmmmmm OK. So, I have faith that I can do it again, and that will be one of my linking examples when I get more into tapping with EFT on the matter. So starting tomorrow, I will begin to unveil my plan of ATTRACTION

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