Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 9 Daily intention

Just a quick post which I will add more detail to as I am taking a reiki level one this weekend with the awesome Tina Theopanous.

I am just going to share with you my morning law of attraction routine just working with issues that are coming up for me.

So every morning I am making a point of turning inward and just meditating on my breath. All that does is help to increase connection to intuition and quiet the mind, that's where ideas inspiration and knowing are allowed to flow... In the gaps between thoughts.
Wayne Dyer "Getting in the Gap" is an awesome Cd and book for learning basic meditation and accessing the gap between thoughts.

Also I am doing daily tapping.
Right now for me, letting go of my relationship outcome is still a really emotional point for me so I am tapping every day like this:
Even though I am really sad. And really frustrated. And I miss Darren and feel so out hurt by his rejection. I deeply love and forgive myself, and I am choosing to trust that the universe will deliver me, and heal this issues in perfect time.

Then tap only on the negative all points ...

Deep breath and tap all points on the positive.

I am going to do a variation of this ever day until this situation or at least my emotions around it are resolved ...

For today I am trusting that my angels and guides are working around the clock to heal this situation and that all is well and will be done for my highest best good of myself and my baby. And so it is.

If you want love, notice and appreciate loving couple...

Money, notice
prosperity all around you...

Have a magical day and practice looking for that which you are wanting to see in YOUR life!

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